Breaking news – Muslims Take Over WordPress, Silence All Who Speak Out!

Moving up in the ranks toward the top rankings in the “Dhimmi Sycophant’ competition for 2011, the WordPress management have voluntarily knelt to display their obeisance toward the terrorist affiliated propaganda arm of murderous jihadis and child molesters worldwide – CAIR – and agreed to immediately harass, persecute and shut down any sites which are not approved as being sufficiently muslim, by a group of militant  thugs who approve of female genital mutilation,  child rape, burning alive of homosexuals and hacking the heads off of unarmed, bound civilians.

Vowing to happily submit to whatever the whims of shariah law, the WordPress group is beginning its attack against free speech by shutting down Bare Naked islam, a factual blog which kept its readers up to date on the most recent, well documented outrageous deeds of muslims everywhere. When your local media will NOT tell you that the Santa shooter was a muslim, killing his kids for dating non muslims, BNI was there with the truth; when various rapes, murders, genital torture and mutilation of youg children, and the frequent slashing deaths of girls who had been raped by relatives, and, by their being raped, had ”dishonored’ the followers of the pervert prophet – none of these items were broadcast by the leftists media but BNI did not flinch from giving the readers the truth, unfiltered, often with videos to reinforce the other forms of documentation.

Now, don’t be discouraged – WordPress will STILL be a place where you can read or follow links about S&M among senior citizens, and artificial testicles;

And if you want to becoem a good Marxist and learn how to hate the USA and the Consitution, well, hey, check out:  where they happy commies share that,

“This site promotes Marxism-Leninism, not as a dogma but as a weapon, as the scientific summation of more than 160 years of practical, revolutionary experience from all over the globe.”

Are you up for being taught the truth about Jesus, the Scriptures, the Jews, et al, from someone who sees through their facade? Check out

  • The Book of Thoth provided the basis for the Old Testament as well as Tarot
  • Jesus was the illegitimate son between Princess Mariamne (Mary) Herod and a Roman, Tiberius Julius Abdes Panthera
  • Tiberius later became Emporer of Rome
  • Jesus had a twin brother – Judas Khrestus
  • Jesus was the lamb
  • Judas was the sword
  • Judas attempted to claim his heritage as Emporer during the reign of Caligula
  • Caligula defeated Judas and his army of Zealots and Gallileans
  • Judas was guilty of treason against the Roman Empire and sentenced to crucifixion
  • With the help of his great uncle, Joseph of Arimethea, Judas exercised an ancient right of substitution
  • Simon of Cyrene was crucified in the place of Judas
  • Judas, no longer a free man, was sold by Jesus to an Indian merchant
  • Judas lived out his days in India and died of ‘old age’
  • Jesus gained the birthright of the eldest son and became leader of the Essenes
  • Jesus continued to study and practice esoteric wisdom and magic
  • Rabbi Jesus had at least three wives and numerous children
  • Jesus went to study with the Druids in [what is today called] England, where he later became head

Hey WordPress, how aboust helping us find a little deeper truth, like how to become involved in Satanism? Got us covered: Everything you need to know about following the devil.

Here’s a classy one –

Those pesky Jews – pulling our legs by inventing that Holocaust thing :

THE JEW ‘HOLOCAUST’ – HISTORY’S BIGGEST FRAUD Undeniable proof of the biggest lie of the century

“Good News From Auschwitz”

The following is from Australia’s A.N.M. P.O.

Box 40, Summer Hill, N.S.W. 2130

Dear Respected Reader Since1945,

There have been many conflicting claims concerning the numbers of Jewish people (and others) who died at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. However, it is only recent research and access to hitherto unavailable documents, that these numbers have drastically lowered, possibly indicating that more of our people survive. Perhaps the 6 millions so often publicized (though our best figure is 4.3 million) may also need to be revised lower,- we hope so. Dr. Nathan Nussbaum, Honorary Director, ‘Centre for Jewish Holocaust Studies. According to official documents in the French Republic (institute for the Examination of War-criminals) the number that died in Auschwitz, was 8,000,000 according to the French daily newspaper_Le Monde_(20,April,1978)

1,433,000 According to Prof. Raul Hilberg (Professor for Holocaust Research, and author of the book,_The Annihilation of European Jewry,_2nd.ed.1988

1,250,000 According to Polish historians, Reportof July, 1990 and corresponding public announcements

1,100,000 According to Gerald Reitlinger – author of _Die Endlbsun

AND – In the autumn of 1989 the Soviet President – Mikhail Gorbachev opened Soviet archives, and the public saw for the first time, the complete register of deaths at Auschwitz, which speaks as a key document of 74,000.

Folks – that is a reduction in the dead census (the ULTRA inflated 8 million estimate of Le Monde not withstanding) – of more than EIGHT THOUSAND PERCENT! Now I can understand an honest error of say 20or 25% or even say 50% – but this is so astronomically out of reality with the Soviet figure that it can only be called what it is – another JEW LIE

So yes, WordPress, keep on prostrating yourselves to put forth the propaganda of terrorists, perverts, satanists and anti-Semites. You will be rewarded by your masters.

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