in which my luck seems to change

– I already had a bit of good luck!
Opened the mail today and found I’d won a complimentary ticket for a free prostate exam at some new health spa called “Lady Transvestia’s Wellness Spa !”

It says I can invite a friend, so if you wanna go with me, give me a call!

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it is dark in here.

To all people of goodwill, I humbly offer heartfelt wishes for a blessed Christmas and happy Hanukkah. May you be near those you love, and may your New Year bring health and joy to you.

And as you ponder the troubles of the world, the antics of the utterly depraved and corrupt buffoons in Washington DC,  Copenhagen and Arabia, and fear for the future of the world, remember as the great prophet Lo Wang Shuun Dow said -when reason and goodwill fail,  peace may sometimes  be achieved only by the application of superior firepower.

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